Essential Ingredients

Nutrients are essential for all the chemicals and proteins that are being produced in the skin.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced in the dermis and melanin and keratin are produced in the epidermis. In addition trillions of small protein filaments need to be produce or repaired to maintain the integrity of the skin matrix.

To produce a protein, the protein producing cells have to transcribe the recipe for the specific protein from the DNA. This is an amazing and complex process, but much like ‘transcribing’ a recipe from a cook book, fetching the ingredients from the cupboard, and mixing them according to instruction.

It stands to reason—

  • The information in the DNA (recipe book) needs to be correct. (Nutrients such as powerful antioxidants found in Natural Blow® help protect the DNA from damage (UV) and play an important role in DNA repair mechanisms).
  • The cell should be healthy to properly transcribe, link and weave amino acids.  For example, there are 52 types of Keratin and the skin mainly produces 4 types. There are multiple combinations of amino acids, and transcribing the wrong amino acid is a mistake that will at minimum end up as a bump on your skin! (Of cause we realize that these processes are highly complex, and we do not want to make lite of some serious skin problems associated with Keratin production.)

    The necessary ingredients should be available.

    As the clip indicates the transfer RNA fetches and carries individual amino-acids to be linked! Natural Blow® with SM Derma Fusion® technology empowers you to make this alphabet of amino acids available to the skin.
    The simple facts is that without the necessary nutrient ingredients important processes cannot function as well as they could if all the ingredients were readily available.

    Anyone that baked from a recipe book knows the frustration if one or more of the ingredients are not available—and one has to substitute. Substitution should be avoided at all cost when the keratinocyte produces keratin! (bump). Suffice to say, now with Natural Blow® with SM Derma Fusion® you have the power to give the skin all the right ingredients in places that may need assistance.

    Basal Layer Beauty

    Basal cells are normally associated with skin disorders; however basal cells are also the source for beautiful skin!

    The principle of healthy mom healthy baby applies; On the first layer of the epidermis also known as the basal layer basal cells will divide, one stay behind and the sister cell will move on to become the outer layer of your skin. This same process will happen over and over again. The above picture illustrate the amazing complexity of the ‘basement membrane’ anchoring, and feeding the basal cells. It is so important that this membrane is properly maintained with nutrients, since problems associated with the basement membrane restricts nutrient supply to the epidermis (common cause associated for premature aging symptoms).

    If the basal cell is healthy, it will produce healthy sister cells.

    These sister cells are primarily keratinocytes and will end up as the outer layer of your skin with hopefully a healthy cellular membrane and a belly full of high grade Keratin—we call this beautiful skin. Beauty starts with the basal cells.

    Source of Nutrients

    Our diet remains very important to get all the protein, minerals, vitamins, and other food factors through the digestive system and feeding the dermis (inner skin) through a healthy blood supply.

    In the dermis vital chemicals such as collagen  (flexibility) and hyaluronic acid (moisture) are made from these nutrients, and of cause the health of the entire epidermis depends on these nutrients.

    Nutrient delivery obstacles

    However, for whatever reason the dermis may not get all the necessary nutrients (could be digestive issues), and there maybe additional obstacles to get the nutrients delivered into the epidermis. One such obstacle is an inexplicable rift that forms between the dermis and epidermis as one age.

    It suffices to say, there are times and places that the cells of the dermis and epidermis are starving for some of the essential nutrients that are needed, and it manifests as some skin disorder (low grade keratin will be expelled as a bump).

    Genetic related skin disorders

    Disorders of the skin can be associated with genetic abnormalities in transcribing proteins that are essential for a healthy basement membrane (Basal lamina).
    In no way do we claim that Natural Blow® can correct the underlying problem with the basement membrane. However, because the basement membrane may be inefficient in allowing vital nutrients to the epidermis, causing skin related problems, Natural Blow® can become instrumental in providing those essential nutrients from the outside –in.

    This may explain why so many children and adults with eczema related skin conditions found relief when using Natural Blow®.

    The Solution

    Second Mile named the vehicle that has to deliver all these vital nutrients Natural Blow® since it is the breeze that blows life back into your skin. For many technical reasons the formulation (type, format, and size) has to be ‘high-tech’ and the name for the core nutrient formulation is SM Derma Fusion® since it fuses the epidermis between the inner dermis and now an ‘outer dermis’.

    Natural Blow® with SM Derma Fusion® is a non-medicated cosmetic cream with the essential nutrients in the right size and format to penetrate the skin in a synergistic manner. Now you can make a large variety of nutrients available directly to skin cells, enzymes, and healthy bacteria, further digestion of these nutrients is not necessary for them to become biologically accessible (this is a big deal).

    Keep in mind that on the one hand we need the protein building blocks as amino acids but on the other hand other vital nutrients are necessary to activate and regulate the cellular process–the proper solution is an active synergistic formulation.

    One major obstacle to replenish the level and diversity of nutrients in the skin is the fact that the skin does not have its own digestive system to access nutrients from oils and cluster extracts. The level of nutrients in the skin and scalp are normally maintained from food and oral supplements.

    However, when it becomes obvious that oral supplementation is not enough, Natural Blow® is the perfect alternative to ensure proper levels of nutrients in the skin and scalp.

    The Best Quality

    The cultivation and formulation of SM Derma Fusion® is rather high-tech and takes place in world class facilities and under strict GMP certified standards. The end product formulation takes place in laboratory facilities in Cape Town, South Africa under strict ISO 22716 and GMP Certified standards. –You are receiving the world’s best product at the world’s best price (amazing value for class).


    Ultimately feeling is believing; we cannot promise that an old scar would vanish and eczema will be healed, we can tell you that in many cases nasty skin symptoms are gone, and yes some experienced scars vanished over time.

    What we can promise you is that it will most certainly be worth your while to discover what exactly your skin will do with more amino acids, and other essential nutrients–your cells may be much hungrier than you realized, and perhaps in need of essential building blocks to accomplish a beautiful job with your health and your skin.

    Whether it is to grow stronger nails and hair, or beautification of face and hands, or simply as a moisturizer that both seal in moisture and allow the skin to repair and retain more moisture naturally, Natural Blow® will become your skin’s best friend.

No tearing or snipping! Crack it open and close it back.
These smart sachets keep all the nutrition fresh, protected from oxygen and harmful light, and hygienic.
PS. We made a big deal of all the nutrients but since the cream has been micronized, you will love the soft and smooth application--as well 🙂

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