The Breeze that Blows Life Back Into Your Skin™

Our mission is to achieve testimonies like these everyday:

Ouma Barbra (age 92) from Elarduspark SA writes: “Dear Second Mile I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. I feel alive, full of life! No burning on my arms and legs, no head aches. My arms look younger, lots of the veins disappeared. You can see for yourself. On my neck I was so ashamed because my veins were really showing… Ouma Barbra.”  

Kelly (Pretoria) e-mail 2017: “I have used Second Mile (Natural Blow with SM Derma Fusion) from May to July for scarring on both of my hands. Since using the product, the scarring has been reduced and it is far less noticeable. I believe the skin has been nourished by this product and both strength and elasticity have improved. Previously a slight knock will split the skin as it was very delicate whereas now the strength has been restored. It also quickly soothes when the skin was irritated/itchy. I will continue to use this product & highly recommend it.” 


Martha (age 49) from Pretoria SA writes: “Before using Natural Blow® with SM Derma Fusion® my hands looked scaly. What I called alligator skin. The premature aging disappeared in an almost miraculous way… but what I appreciate most is how I feel! I highly recommend SM Derma Fusion® to everyone, particularly others like me who desire a second chance at living strong.”

Phone call from an amazed customer:

“…I must tell you it turned my hands around the same day, I must say that…;and the face part, well sherbet, I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought, wow–Peter Pan!”

No tearing or snipping! Crack it open and close it back.
These smart sachets keep all the nutrition fresh, protected from oxygen and harmful light, and hygienic.
PS. We made a big deal of all the nutrients but since the cream has been micronized, you will love the soft and smooth application--as well 🙂

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