First-Line Treatment for Unqualified Dermatitis and Peripheral Nerve Related Symptoms

Natural Blow® Scalp and Skin Treatment is a non-medicated cosmetic, meaning no concentration of chemicals or nutrients listed within the ingredients is considered medicinal or complementary to medicine.

It is well accepted that nutrient deficiencies can cause symptoms that can be associated with a sickness or decease. For example, sailors recovered from scurvy by adding lemons to their diet; simply increasing the concentration of Vitamin C in their diet.

The fact is that there are many reasons why certain areas of the body may have low concentrations of nutrient(s), even in cases where a normal blood analysis may show sufficient levels of nutrients. For example, as one ages part of the basement membrane may develop an unexplained thickness; since the basement membrane functions as the gate keeper between the dermis and epidermis, nutrient concentrations in the epidermis may be lower than expected. 

Today 20 million Americans are suffering from peripheral nerve damage; low concentrations of nutrient(s) in specific areas of the body such as at the basement membrane of the skin may play a major contributing factor for peripheral neuropathy or painful symptoms associated with this condition. 

The alarming increase of ‘unqualified’ dermatitis (eczema) cases among children may also be related to symptoms that are directly or indirectly caused by a lack of nutrient concentrations in the basement membrane and epidermis of the affected areas (I.e., low concentrations of Biotin have been shown to simulate dermatitis).   

For example, skin cells in the epidermis have been shown to be very active not only in synthesizing keratin but they also play a very important role in cellular immunity (See picture to the left). A deficiency in proper regulation of these cells can cause a unhealthy immune response (dermatitis), hyper keratinisation, and other unwanted symptoms. 

Nutrient(s) are responsible for cellular regulation, cellular communication, cellular protein synthesis, important during cellular division, essential in activating and balancing the cellular immune response, help to reduce oxidative stresses, and feeding (energizing) cellular activities.

It is reasonable to conclude that some of the unqualified dermatitis cases and unexplained peripheral pain symptoms may find some relief from a slightly higher concentration of bio-available nutrients in the effected areas.  

Therefore, we will strongly recommend that Natural Blow® will first be used for unqualified dermatitis and nerve and joint pain conditions prior to prescribing medical treatments such as cortisone, pain or antidepressant medications.

During the past 16 months a substantial number of adults and children found relief from dermatitis (ezcema) related symptoms when regularly applying Natural Blow®.

We also noticed that a number of children with nervous disorder dermatitis found relief when regularly applying the cream.

There have been several elderly stroke victims that found almost complete relief from peripheral burning sensations.

It has become apparent that with certain conditions such as with a rotary cuff injury, a percentage of the pain or discomfort is related to an underlining cause (joint / muscle) and a percentage of pain and discomfort is due to the peripheral nerves in the basement membrane. 

Please consider the following three case examples:

Case 1

Club Rugby player Luan Fourie sustained a toe injury.

Within a short period into the next four rugby games he experienced a significant amount of pain and discomfort to the extend that he walked cripple after the match.  

He used Natural Blow® regularly for 3 days and experienced no further pain during a game. 

The pain that he experience was more than likely peripheral nerve pain close to the joint area that became inflamed or agitated during game playing.

Case 2

Female in her thirties injured the peripheral nerves in the area of her rotary cuff during heavy lifting exercises.

She experienced pain and discomfort when attempting to throw a ball from a shoulder position or moving her arm into certain vertical positions.

Her initial treatment included over the counter sports creams (Moove™, Arnica™ oil and Miracle Magnesium Blue™ spray) and electrical stimulation therapy. However, in her case these applications did not assist her condition.

She applied Natural Blow® for approximately one week, and reported significant relief and increased mobility.

This first-line treatment strategy confirmed that the majority of pain she experience was related to peripheral nerve pain; she was able to shorten recovery time and avoid intrusive treatment options.  

Case 3

Marizet Botha an outstanding high school tennis player was diagnosed with peripheral nerve damage at her rotary cuff shoulder area.

She was unable to play competitively for two months, and was experiencing shoulder pain during practice.

She reported that she used the cream for less than 72 hours (and specifically just before the competitive tennis match) and was surprised to report that she was able to play the whole tennis match without pain (and won).

When asked about her experience, she exclaimed: “That cream is the bomb!”

These three cases serve as examples of how fast the body can correct unqualified peripheral nerve pain when given access to useful nutrients in the targeted areas.  

(This does not mean that the cream will bring relief in every case where peripheral damage may be the cause of pain and discomfort, but these individuals reported a benefit that far exceeded the cost as an first-line treatment option.)

Second Mile Natural Blow® is applied in three overlapping fields

The basic strategy for all three these overlapping fields is to increase the concentration of bio-available nutrients in targeted areas. 

The underlining assumption is that some symptoms may be directly or indirectly caused by an insufficient concentration of a nutrient(s) in an area(s) OR that the functioning of the body to repair a part of the body can be enhanced by directly increasing the concentration of nutrients.   

Good example is the following achievements

The 52 year old female that send us these pictures achieved the reversal of premature aging with the chest wrinkles (Elasticity of the skin), and it appears that she achieved higher levels of moisture in the skin (Anti-aging).

 She definitely achieved a cosmetic outcome with the reversal of the dark spot across her chest area, and improved overall appearance of her chest area. 

In the event that she sought medical advice for the dark spot, the practitioner / physician would have done well to recommend SM Natural Blow® as a skin detox cream. 

Middle aged female with a diagnose condition of psoriasis achieved nutrient (D-3) regulation of keratin production.  Since there are no cure for psoriasis the underling cause of her condition was a nutrient deficiency and not necessarily a genetic cause. 

There is no question that this is a major medical / clinical achievement but also definitely a major cosmetic (appearance) enhancement. These pictures that she sent us also indicate a reversal of the fine lines on her hands (Anti-Aging).

22 Year old male suffered from cronic dried  and chapped lips and had a yellow toxin built up on the left side of his lower lip. From a clinical standpoint this was a major achievement, much smoother and healthy lips. Cosmetically the yellow toxin was removed and the overall appearance of his lips was achieved. 

A 52 year old male suffered severe direct tough of 275ºC burn. He was treated within 15 minutes of the burn with SM Natural Blow® immersing the fingers directly into small pots filled with cream.

This was a major clinical achievement since his level of pain became manageable shortly after treatment started and almost completely reduced after 90 minutes. 

The blisters were sufficiently protected and only a healthy amount of inflammation was observed. It is remarkable that the blister was sufficiently treated so it could cover the wound at day 9. This will certainly assist with complete wound healing and overall appearance.   

The following are more picture examples of increasing the concentration of nutrients to assist with the healing / recovery process in the three areas.

Used as an effective aftercare cream (Plasma Treatment). (Day 1, Day 3, and Day 5) 

51 year old male used Natural Blow® 4 x per day over his forehead and specifically on a basal cell carcinoma ward that started to grow aggressively (was treated with nitrogen freezing in his twenties and early forties). This picture was first taken when most of the ward fell off (3 months after starting) the ward completely fell off (6 months) and did not yet grow back. Healthy skin appeared to have grown over the affected area.  

This is obviously a major clinical achievement but have to be studied and duplicated before it can be called a clinical success as to the diagnosed condition since (as stated over and over) the underlining cause may be different.

Regardless, he achieved an individual cosmetic achievement, and the anti-aging affects on the deep horizontal forehead lines were positive. 

Used Natural Blow® 4 x over 24 hour period. He also used the cream as an after shave cream and rated it very high for that purpose (cosmetic). 

Used Natural Blow® 4 x per day for three days. The small infection was due to a dental visit. 

Used Natural Blow® 4 x per day

79 year old male with a history of slow wound healing achieved good recovery after using Natural Blow® for six days.


These sample pictures serve to illustrate achievement from individuals (Anti-aging, Cosmetic, and Clinical / Medical) when increasing the concentration of useful nutrients in targeted areas. 


Some normal symptoms you may experience

Depending on the condition of your skin and peripheral nerves, you may experience a tinkling sensation for a couple of seconds as the nerves in the basement membrane respond to nutrients. You may also experience a slight and temporary increase in blood flow (B-3 vitamin flush). Symptoms like these only  indicate that the product is working for you! However, you are the best judge of your body, and as with any cosmetic cream if you feel that a reaction is severe please stop use. 

Our goal is that your mirror image will stay your best friend. 

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