There is an on going discussion and debate on what can and cannot penetrate the human skin.

For starters, we all should be grateful that the skin is such an amazing and intelligent barrier–most things CANNOT enter the skin. The skin acts as your protective barrier to the outside world.

However, some molecules in their proper form and size can enter the skin for good or for bad. For example, studies show that the skin will keep an inorganic selenium molecule out but will let the same size organic selenium molecule in.

One thing we do know: There are a lot about the skin that scientists do not understand yet. The skin cells communicate with each other, keep potential problem cells at bay, and yes, intelligently allowing much needed nutrient particles through the gateway junction.

Format Matters

Of cause these penetrating particles need to be ultra small (see brief discussion on size matters), but their format is even more crucial.

Consider the notion that even if an oil molecule or cluster extract could penetrate the skin:  How does the skin access the nutrients in exotic oils and cluster extracts? The short answer is: It can’t. 

The skin does not have its own digestive system. It also does not have the ability to activate the synthetic nutrient crystals. 

FORTUNATELY, in SM Natural Blow® there are no synthetic nutrients to activate; all the nutrients are in ready to use molecular format. Digestion is also not necessary because all the nutrients in Second Mile Natural Blow®, whether proteins, carbohydrates (sugars), fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, are all in a format that the skin cells, enzymes, and healthy bacteria in the skin can access AND more importantly can use. 

The bottom-line is that when it comes to topical nutritional solutions, a manufacturer has to go the second mile and provide nutrients in the same format and size as one will find in the skin. 

Size Matters

Second Mile Natural Blow® is formulated with the “500 Dalton Rule” in mind.

By definition, the 500 Dalton Rule states that “molecules greater than 500 Dalton cannot penetrate the skin barrier”.

Based upon this logic: A typical protein molecule found in many skin oils and creams consists of at least 580 or more amino acids at combined molecular weight of 64 000 Dalton!

Trying to get these protein molecules through the cell junction is like shoving your neigbour’s house through the front door 🙂 

No wonder that intelligent folks out there are somewhat skeptical when it comes to feeding the skin from the outside in.

In SM Natural Blow® all the nutrients including protein as amino acids are formulated to penetrate and feed the skin and body with essential life-giving nutrient molecules. 

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