Improving the Quality of Life. Simply Replenish!™

SM Nutritionals (Pty) Ltd brings to the South African wholesale market the amazing SM Derma Fusion® technology that allows one to simply replenish the nutrients in the skin daily with three serum brands.

These serum brands are SM Aesthetic Care Serum (pH 5.6), SM Eye Serum (pH 6.6) and SM Private Care (pH 4.7).

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Reduces Downtime. Improves Outcome.

Replenishes your Eyes while you Sleep!

Addressing a Silent Problem

Dryness at private areas is a very common problem that affects more than half of women after menopause–more than 3.7 million women in South Africa!

However, women of all ages can struggle silently from private dryness. More than 300,000 younger women in South Africa will enter menopause early, and many more will experience private dryness due to medications. 

But the sad truth is that less than one third of these women will seek help or even discuss this sometimes painful problem with parents, partners, or their health care professionals.

SM Private Care is a complete and healthy system that addresses dryness, nutritional support, and lubrication with the same high-class–high-tech product!

It is important to note that the serum provides nutritional support to these areas and is NOT only associated with private dryness issues or only for intimate lubrication BUT for providing superior nutrition and vitality to these areas.

Takes the Quality of your Private Life to the Next Level! 

We all understand the concept of “replenish”– that we need to fill-up our vehicles based upon the level of our activities.

The same is true with replenishing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other essential nutrient molecules in our skin!

The ability to daily replenish essential nutrients in the skin can have a profound effect on skin health and maintenance of the skin, glands, nerves, and muscles.

The ability to provide the skin with targeted molecular nutrition before, during, and after aesthetic treatments has a direct and profound impact on reducing downtime and improving outcome by supporting the NATURAL mechanisms within the skin that were activated by the invasive treatments.

Microneedling performed by Lucille Roos (Somatologist)

Progressive pictures taken immediately after microneedling, followed by one hour, two hours, 6 hours, and the next day. SM Derma Fusion® was used during and after the treatment.

The alternative is to treat the traumatised skin with medicinal molecules such as cortisone®–but these molecules suppress the very mechanisms that aesthetic treatments try to activate–this medicinal strategy to control redness and inflammation does not make sense when cost effective serum technologies such as SM Derma Fusion® are available.

PM procedure performed by Lucille Roos (Somatologist)

Immediately after a permanent makeup procedure without SM Derma Fusion® (Picture on the left) and immediately after procedure applying SM Derma Fusion®  (Picture on the right).

ND YAK Laser procedure performed by Danette Fischer (Aesthetician)

SM Derma Fusion® serums do not contain scheduled ingredients, 100% US CIR compliant, and made in FDA registered and inspected facilities under strict ISO and GMP standards. Do not contain animal proteins, and we do not test our technology on animals.

“I have introduced this product to all my own protocols, and have experienced reduced downtime–redness and swelling subsided within an hour for the less invasive treatments, and less than 24 hours for invasive treatments. I am now using SM Derma Fusion® with ALL my treatments.” Danette Fischer (Aesthetician)

“Better control over the skin during treatments, much faster recovery, and at least 60% improved results for microneedling.” Jolanda Greyling (Aesthetician)

SM Derma Fusion® has been clinically evaluated and recommended by medical professionals (GPs/ Dermatologists/ Paediatricians), medical aestheticians, surgeons, somatologists, and eye care professionals in South Africa since 2018–

The clinical and cosmetic benefits have been consistently duplicated, and thousands of South Africans have been successfully assisted with diverse issues.

You can with absolute confidence and excitement incorporate this serum technology into your own procedural protocols and offer all three serum brands for the use and pleasure of your clients/patients.

Improving the Quality of Life. Simply Replenish!™

SM Derma Fusion® and its registered trademarks are the properties of Second Mile (Pty) Ltd with a physical address at:
870 Rubenstein Drive Moreleta Park, Pretoria 0181.

Please direct all inquiries to Dr AJ Potgieter, either through the above “Contact us” or by email: 

For your safety and continual product integrity, SM Derma Fusion® is made available for sale only through professional registered retail distributors. If you are interested to register as a retail distributor, please contact Dr AJ Potgieter.

International buyers please contact Dr AJ Potgieter.

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