Feed Your Skin with SM Derma Fusion®
The serum provides more than seventy essential nutrient molecules directly to your skin.
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As a daily cosmetic, it feeds the basement membrane of the skin, and protects skin cells from free radical activity by absorbing UV radiation. 

Lutein, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants naturally found in skin cells. These molecules protect the skin against unnecessary free radical activity and premature aging.

As an aesthetic serum, this technology gives the aesthetic therapist more control over the skin during treatments (active inflammation regulation) and speeds-up recovery by more than 50% while IMPROVING aesthetic outcome.

How do we know that the nutrients in SM Derma Fusion® technology penetrate the skin? 

Besides a Lidocaine (anesthetic molecule) test that shows that lidocaine achieves a more than 300% faster numbing rate when placed within SM Derma Fusion, the effects on thickened skin might even be a better indicator of SM Derma Fusion technology’s ability to deliver nutrient molecules to the skin.

SM Derma Fusion® is recommended by eyecare professionals to assist with dry eyes, and to promote the general health of the orbital area of the eye!

Suffering from extremely dry lips due to medication or general health–related issues? Yes–natural nutritional support with SM Derma Fusion® maybe your answer. 

The young girl got immediate relief from extremely dry lips after her mother applied SM Derma Fusion® to one half of her lips for the purposes of testing the product.

There is nothing more natural to the human skin than the nutrient combinations found within the human blood plasma.

However, for many reasons there could be a deficiency of one or more of these nutrients within the peripheral areas of the body (skin), leading to premature aging and a host of other unwanted symptoms.

SM Derma Fusion® goes a long way to solve this potential problem!

As a skin regulator, it assists with immune regulation by enhancing communication pathways within the skin.

SM Derma Fusion® and its registered trademarks are the properties of Second Mile (Pty) Ltd with a physical address at:
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Please direct all inquiries to Dr AJ Potgieter, either through the above “Contact us” or by email: andre@drpotgieter.co.za. 

For your safety and continual product integrity, SM Derma Fusion® is made available for sale only through professional registered retail distributors. If you are interested to register as a retail distributor, please contact Dr AJ Potgieter.

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